Alexa Streaming


Lakes 101.5 has teamed up with Amazon and is now streaming through your Echo. To stream the station on your device:

STEP#1 – Download Amazon Alexa App

Do this by going to your App Store and searching for “Alexa App” or you can click below:
Google Play
Amazon Appstore
Apple App Store


STEP #2 – Enable the Skill

First you say, “Alexa enable the skill lakes one oh one point five.
Or you can open the Alexa App, go to the menu, select skills and search for Lakes 101.5.
You can also visit the Alexa Skills at Amazon by Clicking Here.


STEP #3 – Activate the Skill

All you have to do to activate the skill is say “Alexa play lakes one oh one point five.”
To stop, just say Alexa, stop.”
*Please note if you don’t say the phrases exactly as above, it won’t work or you’re get a different station…and we wouldn’t want that.

For information on using Alexa with your Fire TV…Click Here.

It’s that easy. Take Lakes 101.5 wherever you go and “Relax” with Alexa.